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About DigiTactSeed
1. What is holistic approach?
Making relevant and meaningful relationships between brands and individuals is the goal of holistic digital marketing. There are three key components to developing content that engages clients and leads to sales: Marketing strategy, Creative Content, Inbound marketing is a term that refers to the process of attracting customers

2. Why should we hire Digitactseed services?
Digitactseed is a brand who concentrates on bringing creativity, commitment towards its work. The work force involved aces in providing and delivering quality work done with utmost dedication. Clients are treated equally and strategies are so made with a fresh pair of eyes.
Search Engine Optimization
1. Hey DigiTactSeed! I am new to SEO, can you please explain?
SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization,' and it refers to the practice of obtaining traffic through search engines' free, organic, editorial, or natural search results. Its goal is to boost your website's ranking in search engine results pages. Remember that the higher up on the list your website is, the more people will see it.

2. I am running my business in small city; How SEO will work for me?
If you're a small business looking to reach local clients, SEO is crucial since it allows them to find you first. Consumers learn more about a local small business online than anywhere else, according to 97 percent of people.

3. I Would like to expand my business; How SEO can display my business in different geographical area?
There are several methods for optimising your website for local search so that it can be found in numerous locations.If you pursue bad tactics that egregiously violate Google's standards, you will face a range of penalties, just as there are different ways to optimise.You can avoid redundancy and ensure high-quality local SEO implementation by keeping a detailed inventory of your local SEO efforts.Furthermore, studying the ins and outs of local SEO will enable you to help yourself by developing your own winning strategy rather than mimicking your competitors and hope you don't get penalised for using shady SEO practices. Some SEO customers' audiences will be global or regional, while others may be local. It's crucial to know how saturated their industry is, who their competitors are, and what geographical constraints you may face.

4. Why I should go for DigiTactSeed SEO services?
DigiTactSeed is an unique digital marketing company which provides its each client with proven strategies of seo. Such is achieved with help of dedicated work force having 10+ years of experience in same domain. Along with it also has a work force of coming generation which brings a lot of enthusiasm and courage to try new things which brings them unique results. A balanced team consisting of experience and enthusiasm brings the best of the matter.

5. How DigiTactSeed SEO services is Unique?
A balanced blend of knowledge, curiosity , enthusiasm , courage is what is required for creation of successful completion of growth. DigiTactSeed is so formed that it focuses on such criteria which makes us unique in each possible sense.
Social Media Marketing
1. Why is SMM important for any startup?
Social Media is a widely used medium to communicate with the outer world. A vast chunk of us uses social media on daily basis not only for entertainment purpose but also for information purpose. In today’s world it has been important to make people aware of our services and product through social media too. This helps us get more leads and generates more traffic.

2. Why should I go for DigiTactSeed SMM services?
DigiTactSeed plays an important role in providing required presence in social media by providing unique and valuable strategies to boost up your business. A dedicated team is been allotted who are up to date with trends and social media tactics in present day.

3. We are already presence on digital platform since decade, How DigiTactSeed can add value?
Having a presence in social media platform does not change the game. The game changer element is the strategy a person uses to reach maximum potential client. This comes with through knowledge in ever changing scenario of digital world. With the help of our team members who are experienced in the same such path is smoothly crossed.

4. Does SMM activity generate business ?
The agenda of generating more business is fulfilled by creating a great value in the audience and by generating more trust in you. Such is achieved only when maximum people are reached which is achievable by SMM activity.
Content Marketing
1. What Is Content Marketing?
Content marketing centres on producing useful, relevant, and valuable content for your target audience, which generally includes both current and prospective customers. Most content marketing strategies include written, video, or image-based content, and many incorporate all three forms seamlessly.

2. How Can You Measure the Results of Content Marketing?
When you invest in a content marketing strategy, it’s essential to track the results and determine your return on investment (ROI). As a general rule, your goals determine the metrics you’ll track as you assess results.
For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, you might track website traffic, bounce rate, or social shares. If you want to generate leads, you’ll track the number of leads, conversion rates, and average time to close.

3. Can Content Marketing Generate Leads for My Business?
With the right strategy in place, you can use content marketing to generate a steady stream of new leads for your business. While most brands offer content like blog posts, articles, and videos free of charge, they also create high-level content, such as white papers, case studies, and eBooks to serve as lead magnets. Then they require readers to opt in to a mailing list before gaining access to the high-level content.

4. What Type of Content Should My Business Create?
While the right content balance varies from business to business, most brands consider a few essential types. Blog posts and articles tend to top out around 1,000 words and usually help readers understand how and why to use your product or service. Case studies, white papers, and eBooks are substantially longer and typically feature original research related to your industry. Infographics and videos generally explain and illustrate concepts that you simply can’t convey via text. Depending on your brand’s goals, you might include one, two, or all types of content in your strategy.

5. Is Content Marketing the Same as Social Media Marketing?
These two branches of marketing aren’t the same, but many businesses integrate their content marketing and social media marketing strategies. This synthesis helps brands ensure that they’re optimizing their marketing efforts.
While content marketing encompasses written, graphic, and video material that can live on your company’s website or any number of other places online, social media marketing takes place strictly on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Many social media marketers build their editorial calendars around sharing links to content that their brands have created, as this practice can drive views and value.
Web Design and Development
1. How long does it take to build a website?
If you have chosen a professional website development company, then it would take around 1 to 4 months starting from scratch till the end for basic information websites with less functionality.
Website developers can help you in building your website quicker but, it’s quite hard to rely on it as you have to handle everything right from scratch. Advice or opinion from an expert may help in producing better results.

2. How much does a new website cost?
Do you think it’s possible to calculate the exact cost for website development? Website development will be fully customizable, tailoring to the client’s requirements.
Nowadays, you can find many options to develop your website. Depending on the requirements and the method you choose to build your website, the cost keeps varying. At DigiTactSeed, we come up with the pricing after a separate analysis has been conducted on the projects and after brainstorming, we work towards achieving the desired results.

3. How do you build my website?
We build your website by understanding your requirements. We ensure to configure the best and suitable domain name, hosting providers, customized design and content. Furthermore, we build your website tailoring your needs, with SEO and speed optimization.

4. Can you help me write content for my website?
Of course, we can help you in adding relevant content to your website. Our team of copywriters can help you in delivering professional content by understanding your requirements and business objectives
Graphic Design
1. How does your design process work?
First of all, you need to explain what type of graphics do you require (for print or digital use) and if possible, provide us with similar projects that will show us your vision. After a short brief, and initial design concepts, you will be able to pick one that you want to go ahead with and adjust it to your final needs. The completed project will be sent to you via email or external file sharing service. Information that you will provide during the initial brief will definitely speed this process up.

2. In what format will I receive my designs as?
For vector files, we will provide you with .AI, .EPS, .PDF and .JPG file. For raster files, you will receive .JPG, .PNG and .PDF file.

3. Why should I choose Digitactseed over some other firm to do my design work?
It caters to its clients with flawless design experience, flexibility, limitless creativity, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Digitactseed provides a One-Stop Solution for all of your Designing Needs. Step here once, and surely you won’t regret your decision.

4. What does the graphic designer actually do?
A designer is a communicator of your idea, your product and your solution to the world.
With training or experience as a visual communicator and problem solver, a designer will combine your content with elements colour, typography, line, space, shape and balance to create a finished communications piece for your business or organization. He/she will work with you to explore different options or design directions to solve your particular communications challenge.
A designer will also prepare the 'mechanical requirements' of your finished piece and prepare it to the specifications of a printer, magazine, Web host, television studio or any other output medium, to ensure trouble-free output of a final finished product (such as a printed flyer or a Web site)